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Why the E-Nano


The E-Nano is the next revolution in vaporizers. No more complicated, messy-smelly whips or bags, or noisy pumps, and things that look like a science experiment that you want to hide under your desk.

The E-Nano is a simple, beautifully handcrafted piece of art that is less than 2” around and 3.75” tall that you will be proud to display.


From it’s inception the E-Nano was designed for the purest air path and true flavor. Ambient air enters the top of the vaporizer and through the holes in the food grade stainless steel heater sheath. The air then travels past the 100% ceramic lifetime guaranteed heating element where it is heated from zero to 550 degrees depending on where the analog rotary dial is set on the cord. The heated air passes through your favorite herb volatilizing and releasing the active agents in your herb. Unlike most vaporizers the air you breath never comes in contact with or passes through any electrical circuitry.

Your herb never touches the heating element directly so all vaporization is done through convection, never conduction. The end result? You only taste what you put in, the E-Nano is flavor neutral which is why the E-Nano is continually rated one of the best vaporizers on the market for flavor by experienced vapor enthusiasts.

Simple to use

The E-Nano is as simple as 1-2-3.

1Start it up – Plug it in and turn it on.

2Load it up – Load herb into the glass stem.

3Inhale it up – Put the stem on the heater and inhale.

Simple to clean

With the E-Nano, herb is loaded into the glass stem and not into the vaporizer which means you only have to clean the glass stem. Simply place the glass stem in the enclosed clear shipping tube, add some iso-alcohol available at any drug store and soak it for 10-20 minutes take the stem out, dry it and it’s like new again.


Despite it’s surprisingly small size, the E-Nano outperforms ALL portable vaporizers and most other desktop vaporizers and it does it with half the wattage.This ensures that you will never out draw the E-Nano no matter how fast or long you hit it. At full power the E-nano only draws 15 watts. Most users keep the E-Nano set at about 9-10 watts. As a comparison, most ‘box’ type desktop vaporizers draw between 40-60 watts. The Volcano draws over 100 watts.


Because of it’s small size, the E-Nano easily pairs to your favorite glass piece if you prefer water conditioning. Glass on glass (GonG) adapters are optionally available to fit standard 14mm and 18/19mm standard glass joints.

There are a number of good videos available on YouTube showing various setups and how-to tips for using the E-Nano with glass, concentrates, etc. There are also some great community user forums/groups around the web.

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