“Finally, the product that will answer your everyday vape needs.” –

The E-nano is a handcrafted American made vaporizer that will astonish you with it’s combination of power, beauty and economy. Use the simple direct-draw glass stem or ‘whitewall’ your favorite glass piece using only .025g of flower or concentrate. This revolutionary powerhouse is the easiest to use, most powerful, and most economical vaporizer on the market today. We guarantee it.

Simple to use

The E-Nano is as simple as 1-2-3.

1. Plug in and set temp between 6.5 – 8

2. Load your herbs in the glass.

3. Place on heater and inhale.

Say hello to your new little friend. Say hello to the E-Nano.

No more complicated, messy-smelly whips or bags, or noisy pumps, and things that look like a science experiment that you want to hide under your desk.

Read our reviews and discover why High Times Magazine voted us in their top 10 vaporizers.

We guarantee you’ll love the E-Nano!

Try out the E-Nano for up to 2 weeks to ensure it’s the right product for you and if it’s not send it back for a refund!
We streamline the process to ensure it’s an easy process, refunding your purchase price
minus shipping fees within 3 business days of receiving your return.

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