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FAQ: How to load stem - Rough


To load the E-Nano stem, follow these steps:

1. Grind your herbs: Start by grinding your herbs to a fine consistency. This will ensure even vaporization and a smoother experience.

2. Prepare the stem: Remove the stem from the E-Nano vaporizer. Make sure it is clean and dry before loading.

3. Pack the stem: Take a small amount of ground herbs and gently pack them into the open end of the stem. Be careful not to overpack, as this can restrict airflow.

4. Adjust the screen (optional): Some users prefer to use a screen to prevent herbs from falling into the vaporizer. If desired, place a screen on top of the packed herbs and gently press it down.

5. Insert the stem: Once the stem is loaded, carefully insert it back into the E-Nano vaporizer. Make sure it fits snugly and securely.

6. Heat and enjoy: Turn on the E-Nano vaporizer and set it to your desired temperature. Allow it to heat up for a few minutes. Once it reaches the desired temperature, take slow, steady draws from the stem to enjoy your vapor.

Remember to clean the stem regularly to maintain optimal performance and flavor.

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