E-Nano Kit

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The E-Nano kit includes everything you need to start saving your lungs and herb:

1 – E-Nano handcrafted in USA
1 – Removable 110v cord with adjustable temperature
1 – Glass Stem
1 – Cotton bag for quick storage
1 – E-pick stainless steel multi-tool
1 – Quick start guide
1  – EpicVape Sticker

Select your wood and optional upgrades below. 


E-Nano Features:

  • American designed and built = Completely isolated clean air path.
  • Hand crafted in the USA from a solid piece of sustainable hardwood = No laminates.
  • Natural shellac finish = No Voc’s no lacquers, no paints.
  • Custom designed 100% ceramic heating element. Rohs compliant. = Clean air path, peace of mind.
  • Fast 2 minute heat up time = No more waiting.
  • Extra long removable 2.5 meter power cord with variable temperature control built in = No bulky external power supply
  • Rotary variable power/ON-OFF switch = You chose the temperature from 0-560F.
  • Full ac power = Plenty of power for herbs, flowers, aromatherapy oils and concentrates.
  • 24 hour factory burn in = Ready to plug and play when you un-box it.
  • 3 year warranty = We stand behind our products. Lifetime warranty on the ceramic heater.

The E-nano is the world’s most efficient and easiest to use American made vaporizer. Don’t let the E-Nano’s tiny size fool you, our patent-pending heating engine is a beast! Simply load just .025-.05 grams of your favorite herb into the glass stem and you’ll be amazed at the milky clouds this little wonder can produce.
Whether you order the standard, premium or exotic wood, all E-Nanos utilize our unique patent-pending heater engine.
This handcrafted vape will pay for itself with the amount of herb you will save. We guarantee it. If the E-Nano doesn’t exceed your expectations simply return it to us for a prompt refund (less shipping and handling).

2 reviews for E-Nano Kit

  1. Christian Dean (verified owner)

    I was a bit apprehensive spending so much money on a vape, I had never spent that much on anything smoking related before. And when I got it, it did seem disappointing at first. This all comes down to learning how your individual device tics. I’ve had mine for 4 days now, and I’m starting to get a hang of it and getting big clouds. Just keep that in mind, it does have a learning curve. But I will say I am very glad I bought this.

  2. alecj28 (verified owner)

    Couldn’t be more happy with my purchase. This thing RIPS and it will pay for itself with the amount of herb you save. I was going to splurge on a volcano vape for 600 but this thing hits harder and more efficiently than any other vape I’ve tried. The quality is amazing and I love that it won’t hurt the device if you end up leaving it on. This thing is made to run 24/7 and you can even use it as an essential oil diffuser. The only reason I give it 4/5 is because of the power cord. It seems a bit cheaply made and the dial is very sensitive. Although if it does break they have cheap replacements. I’ve been using my enano exclusively for a few months and my lungs feel better than ever without that nasty tar that smoked herb produces. If you are on the fence about these don’t second guess yourself. Buy one! I am probably the pickiest person in the world when it comes to my herb devices and this one takes the cake hands down. Also customer service is A+ as my package was missing an additional stem and they sent it immediately no questions asked. Great product great company.

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