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Stainless steel multi-tool. Can be used to grind your herb or clean your bowl. Also used as a temp adjuster on the the EV-2 and basket screen guide.


Our E-Pick is the perfect multi-tool for your E-nano!

The E-pick is our premium stainless steel multi-tool. This multi-tool can be used to grind your herb, clean your bowl, adjust your screens and guide you to a proper fill level. Comes complete with handy keychain.  This little wonder tool works great with all of our glass accessories from the standard stems to the gongs and aroma therapy cups, making them easier to handle.


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1 review for E-Pick

  1. Tim

    Essential companion tool for the E-Nano. Basket adjustment guide has proven quite useful. Great stirring tool, hangs on my bubbler when not in use. I just realized when reading the description here that this doubles as a grinder! Take your herb and rub it across the epic logo like a cheese grater. What a nice little cherry on top! Here I thought it was just for stencilling the Epic logo on everything. Also punny, Epic.. E-pick, hehe :D

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