The E-Nano was designed to be  the world’s most efficient and easiest to use vaporizer available today. Don’t let the E-nano’s tiny size fool you, this little wonder is a cloud maker. Simply load just .025-.05 grams of your favorite botanical into the glass stem and you’ll be amazed at the milky clouds this little wonder can produce. Full sized hits from a quarter of what you would normally use. This little guy will pay for itself in no time with the amount of herb you will save. We guarantee it. If the E-Nano doesn’t exceed you expectations simply return it to us within 7 days and you can keep the glass stem as our gift.

E-nano Quick start guide:

The E-Nano was designed to be very simple to use for the beginner yet versatile enough to be enjoyed by the most demanding vapor enthusiast. All of our products are hand made in America from the cleanest and greenest materials possible with your health and safety in mind. We use sustainable or recycled American hardwoods sealed in natural shellac. The E-Nano was designed to have the purest air-path possible. This is to ensure that the only thing you will ever taste is ONLY what you put in. With proper care this little powerhouse will give you many years of reliable service.

Please read through this short manual of tips and tricks to get the best performance out of your unit.

  1. All vaporizers work on the principle of draw speed vs. temperature control. The faster you like to draw, the faster the air will flow past the ceramic heating element and the higher you will need your unit turned up. Other factors that can influence the volume of vapor you achieve will be the moisture content, quality and strain of your herb or tobacco. Here are some guidelines to get you started.
  2. Load small nuggets of your favorite herb or leaf tobacco directly into the glass stem nearest the screen side. Only a small amount is necessary, less than .05g. will be fine. Grinding is not necessary.
  3. Turn the dial all the way up for 1-2 minutes to pre-heat the unit then turn the dial down to about 6-6.5.
  4. Pick the E-Nano up and hold it horizontal with your glass stem so your herb doesn’t fall out. Place the glass stem gently onto the stainless steel heater core. You can begin to inhale immediately. Proper inhalation technique feels like you are sipping warm tea. At this temperature you will experience the most flavor from your herb with very little visible vapor.
  5. Turn the dial up to 7-7.5 and take another draw. With very little practice you will begin to find the sweet spot for your herb or tobacco.
  6. After a few puffs, use the enclosed E-PICK to stir your herb up a little. NOTE: The end of the glass stem that comes in contact with the heater core will be HOT and could cause severe burns.
  7. Check the color of the herb in the glass. It should begin to turn brown in color. If you notice black spots in the spent herb it means the temperature is too high or you are not inhaling fast enough. You can keep turning the dial up until the spent herb is the color of roast coffee.
  8. After your session is over turn the unit off. NOTE: Leaving the unit on will not harm the unit, but it is never a good idea to leave heated appliances on and unattended.

Care and Feeding.

The E-Nano itself never needs cleaning. You can wipe the outside with a damp cloth but never expose the wood to any product that contains alcohol or citrus as this could adversely affect the finish.

We recommend cleaning the glass stem as often as possible to maintain the best taste from your E-nano. This is easy to do. Simply put the stem back into the plastic container that the stem came packaged in, and pour 70-90% iso-alcohol (available at any drug store or super market) into the container. Again, be careful not to get any alcohol on wooden portion of the E-Nano itself. Put the top back on and soak the stem until it’s clean. (15-20 minutes should be fine)

Rinse the stem with water, dry, and you’re ready for your next session.