E-Nano Stems

The E-Nano stem is where you load your herb. They are made out of heavy wall borosilicate glass. (Think PYREX)

Choose from either adjustable stainless steel screen or upgrade to a non-adjustable fixed honeycomb glass screen.

All stems come complete with our exclusive glow-in-the-dark silicone heat guard to protect your fingers and your glass. They are molded in a hexagon shape to prevent the stems from rolling off your table.

Stems come in two lengths:

Standard 6″ which is included in the E-Nano kit
Extra Long 8″ for extra cooling of you vapor

Adjustable Screen Stems


The heavy Borosilicate glass Adjustable E-Nano stems with stainless steel basket screens. This stem allows you to adjust the size of your bowl and distance from the heating element.

Fixed Screen Stems


The non-adjustable all Borosilicate glass stem features an integrated honeycomb glass screen for those seeking a more pure glass experience. Eliminates the need for a stainless steel basket screen.

Standard Adjustable Stem


30 – day warranty

Long Adjustable Screen Stem


30 – day warranty

See details

4.5” Ice Stem Glass Screen Stem


30 – day warranty

Standard Fixed Glass Screen Stem


30 – day warranty

Long Fixed Glass Screen Stem


30 – day warranty