Try the Best Wax Dry Herb Vaporizer

Vapor Plants lends it’s voice to review the E-Nano – the best wax dry herb vaporizer on the market.

“The Basics of EpicVape E-Nano Log Vaporizer

Price – one of the most appealing aspects of the EpicVape E-Nano Log Vaporizer is its price. Retailing for less than $200, the model is one of the most affordable desktop vape options on the market. It doesn’t cost much more than a top-of-the-line medicinal marijuana vape pen.

Vapor Quality – the EpicVape E-Nano Log Vaporizer offers truly impressive vapor quality that no herb or wax pen could match. A combination of a ceramic heating element and a glass stem give vapor a very pleasing taste and perfect smoothness. Surprisingly potent, the vapor is plentiful and dense. For those who enjoy water filtration for cooler vapor, EpicVape offers an adapter that works with 18-millimeter water tools.”

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